Role Play Actor and Assessor - Josie Bloom

Josie has worked on radio, stage and screen and is now an experienced role player.

Prior to training as an actor, Josie worked in various corporate jobs, including customer service, administration, hospitality, sales and marketing, in addition to several years working as a PA/legal secretary to senior solicitors.

Public sector experience includes working in healthcare, and local councils and probation services, working with homeless people and ex-offenders, in addition to working with service users who are living with mental health issues and/or substance misuse.

Josie’s corporate roleplay experience includes acting and giving detailed feedback during communication skills training courses such as ‘breaking bad news’, difficult conversations’, ‘dealing with challenging customers’, taking witness statements’, ‘learning to be assertive’ etc for various organisations, working with lawyers, psychologists, social workers, administrators, salespeople, carers and other professionals.

Josie also has extensive experience in medical roleplay, playing various ‘simulated patients’ during exams for many different professional bodies and Colleges. In addition to exams, Josie’s medical roleplay experience includes various training courses for NHS staff, medical students, junior doctors and other healthcare professionals.