Script Consultancy

TDRP, Presenter script consultancy, is a human support tool, which can help take your written message from the page, to achieve a more believable and natural, video, visual and audio performance...

TDRP presenter Script Consultancy is really just an added service to give you extra support, should you need or require it.

So, what do we mean by script consultancy?

TDRP and it’s presenters are very experienced at all sorts of corporate presenting, whether it be camera-based presenting or live presenting at exhibitions, conferences or events. We know what type of scripts work for which environment and we know how the presenters need to perform in these environments to get the best results for you and your brand.

So we can help you with as little as a sight-reading of your script, to check it says what you want it to say (that’s very useful for European projects, where the script has been translated or where a script has been drafted and English is not the writers first language). TDRP will give you the confidence that your finished film or live presentation can be viewed by any native English speaker or in any native English speaking country.

Or, we can help you further, by guiding you through a basic corporate script structure, story-board and shooting / performance schedule, maximising the impact of your message.

There is another option depending on which presenter you choose to work with: they can help the flow of your script by applying some of their own phrasing, without altering the tense or style of the script.

TDRP is always on hand to help. For more details on our Presenter Script Consultancy and how we might be able to help you, please contact us.