Mystery Customer

TDRP ‘Mystery Customers’ known as ‘mystery shoppers’ can be a vital tool for getting the real, frontline feedback and opinions of your customers which is vital to successfully growing your Business or Brand...

TDRP Mystery Customers are split into two main categories, Mystery Customers for your training day, and Mystery Customers known as ‘Mystery Shoppers’.

Mystery Customers at your training day

This is where our TDRP actors will remain in character, with a given brief and backstory. They will Role Play as a genuine customer for the purposes of your training course or programme. Usually it is only revealed at the end of these training days that the customer is indeed a TDRP actor. This process is frequently used and can achieve a very real performance from your staff.

Some trainers prefer to tell their staff at the start of any training day that actors will be involved and will be playing the roles of customers, but even in these situations TDRP actors are experts at remaining in character and also have terrific improvisation skills and social awareness.

Mystery Shoppers

This TDRP service is used by companies to gauge the quality of service provided by a company or brand and to give feedback on the overall experience. Focus can also be placed on smaller, more specific information or for product information gathering exercises.

So what are the benefits to using Mystery Shoppers?

Well, there are many different areas where Mystery Shoppers can be utilised. The obvious ones are to monitor the interaction between your staff and members of the public. Customer service levels can be assessed on multiple levels, for example, staff appearance, product or service presentation or demonstration, attentiveness, enthusiasm, product knowledge, communication skills, explanation of product features and benefits, listening skills, sales technique and overall customer experience. This information is very useful as it highlights what works, what doesn’t work and what needs improving. It also provides you with the data to use in conjunction with your future training programme strategy.

Mystery Shoppers can also visit your point of sale or service areas and provide reports, pictures and information regarding what they find. This service is very useful if you have many locations and want to create a high but consistent level of service or brand presentation throughout.

Mystery Shoppers can also purely gather information and produce reports on trends which could give you a competitive advantage in this fast moving consumer climate.