Training Programmes

TDRP can provide Motivation, Life Coaching, Public Speaking and Preparation, Sales Training, Product Knowledge Training and Verbal Delivery, Sales Training, Customer Qualification, Customer Personality Identification, ....

TDRP has several well-known and successful training programmes. These range from positive motivational training, self-belief & life coaching, public speaking, sales and product training, to advanced customer qualification and also customer personality identification training (perfect for your customer facing sales or customer service teams).

These training programmes act as great product and process refresher courses, providing confidence boosts and team bonding for your staff or delegates. They also allow you to introduce changes taking place within your company to your staff, in a safe environment, with maximum effect.

The level within these training programs can range from beginner right up to advanced, so you can group your delegates appropriately so they can achieve the most out of their sessions. Alternatively it can be a generic session with shorter breakout training.