Presenting for Camera

TDRP Presenters are fantastic in front of camera! Let them be the face and voice of your Brand or Service...

TDRP Presenters are all experienced at being in front of a camera, with scripted material or using autocue, whether it be on location, in your office, a busy shopping street, a quiet spot in the country or a green screen studio.

TDRP Presenters can deliver your script to camera, in a highly trained and professional way, to maximise the impact of your message. Each presenter has their own unique style of presenting and some presenters may suite certain brands or services, better than others. That’s where our knowledge and consultancy comes in handy.

We work closely with you to find out what your requirements are, then we provide you with a short list of presenters that we feel match your brief and who are available for your shooting schedule. You then decide who you want to work with, and we confirm their booking, dates, location, scripts, expenses. Then you’re ready for your shoot day.

If you like, we can always arrange an informal meeting or a Skype, FaceTime video meeting with your chosen presenter before you make your final decision. For more information about our TDRP Presenters and presenting for camera, please contact us here or email with your enquiry or to arrange a call back.