Presenting for the Web

TDRP Corporate Presenters are professional communicators. The way in which your message is broadcast to your audience, is a direct reflection upon the way in which your product or service is perceived...

TDRP provide some of the best male and female corporate presenters available. Our presenters are all professional with experience in both autocue and scripted presentations. These professional presenters can deliver your message to pretty much any audience. So, under what circumstances would you need a TDRP corporate presenter and why are they so very useful?

Trained professional corporate presenters are now being used more and more by companies, in a number of areas. Most commonly, this would be to present video content for a company website: you may have heard the term web presenter. Other areas would include presenting Television Commercials, Company Infomercials or Training Films (i.e. Instructional or Health and Safety DVDs) or Voice Over.

What are the benefits?

Just like in every other aspect of life, if you want the best results, then hire an experienced professional. But more than that, TDRP Presenters are in front of cameras and audiences presenting day in day out, so why not avoid the stress and pressure of being in front of a camera or a live audience and let us do it for you. Even though TDRP Presenters will never know as much about your product as you do, they will be able to broadcast your message in a more professional way, under pressure, as well as take direction from you to tailor the performance perfectly.

TDRP Presenters are trained professional autocue readers as well as experienced script learners and they can present your message under all kinds of external distractions, saving you time and money.

It’s easy to get us involved. If you want a professional communicator to help get your message across on your website, filmed or voiced, just contact TDRP Presenters and we can help.

But it doesn’t stop there. We can get involved right at the beginning and provide a full or part consultation. With a Full Consultation, think of it as a brain storming meeting, where we bring all of our ideas and years of experience to you and you tell us what you want to achieve, who your target market is, what message you want to broadcast and how you want your brand to be represented. Together we develop a strategy, concept and script that suits the brief.

We can offer a Part Consultation, which would mean us casting an eye over your pre-production plans and suggesting any improvements or additions.

TDRP Corporate Presenters can also offer a client site Coaching Service. So whether you regularly present to an audience or for a camera, or you are doing it for the first time, we have all the experience to get you prepared. We’ll provide you with the skills and the tools, to not only improve your confidence and technique whilst presenting, but to improve the way in which your message is received.

We can work on your body language, your line-learning techniques, your diction and projection, voice control and breathing exercises, autocue tips and techniques, how to handle and control your nerves, what to do if you blank on stage etc. We can cover just about everything and these sessions can be one off consultations or a series of coaching session.

TDRP Presenters are professional at all times and treat all client company information as confidential.