Role Play Actor and Assessor - Mark

Mark graduated from Actor Training at The Bridge Theatre Training Company in 2010 and is now an experienced Stage, Screen and Role-play Actor with many credits under his belt. Alongside acting, he is a qualified Stage Combat instructor and Teacher of performance and public speaking techniques, teaching clients of all ages. He is passionate about people overcoming self-consciousness through technique, training and experiential learning.

Having worked in the corporate acting sector since 2015, Mark has developed skills in many areas including Face to Face Assessment Centres, Corporate film, Role-play, Presenting (with auto-cue and from a learned script), Hotseating and Forum Theatre. His interactions have been from factory floor to C-suite.

Mark has very good sight reading, line learning and improvisational skills and is comfortable in front of camera, on stage or in more intimate one to one settings. His assessment centre experience has enabled him to develop his improvisational skills to be calibrated by the assessors in order to test certain areas of a candidates character and communication strategies, providing a more tailored experience for each candidate.

A good collaborator and problem solver, Mark is fun to work with and adept at using the concept of “Yes, and..” to ensure that no-one feels left behind, everyone is engaged and feels listened to and valued.

Mark’s playing age is 35-45, his natural accent is Home Counties/Estuary and he has a good ear for other accents.