Role Play Actor and Assessor - Lydia Cashman

Lydia is an actor, spoken-word artist and painter, who has also worked in sales, hospitality and market research. She graduated from the (BA) Acting course at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), with a First Class Degree, in the summer of 2017.

Whilst at LIPA she was chosen for the Carlton Hobbs Award for Radio, directed in voice-overs by Marina Caldarone (The Archers) as well as appearing in award nominated short films and original radio drama.

She has a multitude of experience in improvisation and immersive theatre, which enables Lydia to work around the client and adapt to changes quickly whilst channelling the script to ensure the session doesn’t go off track.

Her warm and bright personality and positive outlook on life enables her too see the good in people. That linked with her honesty enables her to give truthful, sometimes difficult, feedback in a constructive way to help the delegate. Lydia’s intuitive awareness and confidence in her ability allows her to be both honest and supportive in her evaluations of delegates.

Lydia is incredibly castable and adaptable for any role-play. This is thanks to her wide playing range of early teens to mid-twenties, neutral RP accent. She is proud to already be known for her commitment and professionalism so early on in her career.