Role Play Actor and Assessor - Judith

Judith is a classically trained actor, highly experienced in corporate acting, training and facilitation in all formats from live, online and video presentation to forum theatre and straight role-play. She has performed in a variety of industries, including: motor industry, public sector, health, government and finance.

Outside of acting, Judith is a vocal confidence and communication specialist and qualified personal-performance coach, trained by The Coaching Academy and accredited by the CPD Standards Office. These skills add a great deal to her presence in the room and as an actor, trainer and co-facilitator.

Judith’s experience of life in the corporate world as a professional temp (long and short term) means she brings a wealth of real-life business experience to bear when in a role-play situation. She has been in a company as it has been going through take-over, has organised office layout changes, managed determined or aggressive clients and customers and knows the ins and outs of office politics and personalities. She has worked as an executive PA, in HR, Facilities, sales, admin support and reception in businesses as diverse as the NHS, publication, Oil & Gas, local government, retail and a variety of high-finance institutions.