Role Play Actor and Assessor - Joe Matthew Morris

Joe is an experienced theatre actor and singer with a versatile background in stagework.

His role-play experience includes veterinary, dental and medical exams, safeguarding training, healthcare benefits appraisals and prison care-work. He has given live feedback to candidates and conferred with examiners to assist with assessments. Confident in delivering prepared material, he also excels at adapting and improvising around a brief.

Other relevant projects include voiceovers for a mobile app and a government instructional video, a series of educational videos for a maximum security prison (playing an inmate with mental health issues) and a forum theatre piece for nurse training.

Outside of acting, he has worked in sales, customer service, the NHS and administration, all of which lend him the confidence and authenticity to engage with varying scenarios.

He has a natural, soft Liverpool accent that he can either accentuate or switch to General Northern. He also does excellent RP.