Role Play Actor and Assessor - Jo Ball

Jo started her career in marketing for brands including in the telecoms and travel sectors before retraining as an actor. She now combines this experience to deliver authentic role play, engaging forum theatre and corporate training. Jo is a versatile actor – previous role play experience includes a lawyer, psychologist, trade union member, office worker and senior manager.

Jo role plays for the Judicial Appointments Commission in courtroom scenarios as part of their selection process for judges. She has also performed in forum theatre for a mediation company in an office based role play about resolving disputes at work. She played a detective and criminal psychologist in an immersive theatre show for a major Arts institution and the London Olympics, role playing with over 2,000 audience members during the show’s run.

Jo coaches executives to deliver engaging and memorable presentations. She has run communications workshops and was an assistant trainer on a Financial sector training programme. She acts in corporate training videos for clients in diverse areas such as the legal, education and consumer goods sectors. Jo has featured in numerous films including a rom com with Joanna Lumley, which won London Independent Film ‘Best Feature’ Award 2017.

During her marketing career, Jo delivered complex organisational change programmes. For a travel industry client, she worked on the development of a new tiered reward programme for frequent travellers, to meet customer needs and ensure a competitive position. For a client in the retail sector, Jo was responsible for developing a new holiday product, creating a new online brand and originating content for and launching their new website.