Role Play Actor and Assessor - Hannah

After gaining her drama degree from Exeter University, Hannah has gone on to become a multifaceted presenter, actress and voiceover artist with over 10 years experience working all over the world.

With her confident style, quick wit and relaxed manner, she always has everything under control, whether that’s with autocue, green-screen, talk-back, live TV, role-play, commercials, MCing or improvisation.

Hannah is quick to learn and deliver complex information, but also diligent in writing her own scripts and great at ad-libbing when needed. Her specialism within the corporate sector means any training video, panel discussion or role-play exercise will strike the right tone, always finding the right questions and putting anyone at ease, whether that’s compeering award ceremonies in China, interviewing top CEOs in America or training for the NHS.

Hannah has undertaken many interactive roles including ‘undercover’ cyber security work. Under the pretence of a training day, she secretly gathered information from worker’s social media and had to convince them of a genuine connection, thus highlighting the dangers of fishing and scams.

She’s also presented and acted in many e-learning videos as nurses, graduates, senior executives, interviewers and interviewees and many more. Her versatility means she can can take on any character, bringing them to life and creating engaging, useful and important content, with a clear, articulate and RP voice.