Role Play Actor and Assessor - Amelia

Amelia is a professional and experienced actor, presenter, role-player and producer. Amelia trained at East 15 Acting School and soon after went to live in Madrid for 2 years to deliver acting workshops and tour with six shows for schools and theatres across Spain. As an actor Amelia’s most recent work includes filming web series ‘El Camino’ and she recently co-wrote, co-produced and acted in ‘Whispers of Smoke’ a short film about a young girl’s struggle with anxiety and her need to speak about it.

Amelia is also an experienced corporate presenter,interviewer and actor,working across different sectors such as education, tech, insurance, telecommunications, finance and health care. She has acted in corporate training films from being a customer to reenacting real-life situations for the Foreign Office. She has also interviewed CEOs and managing directors and presented for corporate and promotional videos.

As a role-player, Amelia has varied and extensive experience in a range of settings and through different mediums such as OSCE examinations for both medical and legal examinations, RCGP CSA Examinations & Optometrists, forum theatre in the transportation sector, as well as other corporate roleplay work involving giving detailed feedback during communication workplace workshops such “handling difficult conversations” and “courageous conversations.” Amelia particularly enjoys giving feedback alongside acting in the roleplay.