Why Use TDRP?

TDRP is a widely used and trusted service when it comes to providing professional, reliable actors for the business world.

In fact, some of our actors have been continuously role playing with a particular global multi-national corporation as part of an ongoing training program, and, as a result of our input, this training program has won 2 highly prestigious industry National Training Awards (for Innovation and Effective training).

Whereas some companies only provide actors for role play, TDRP are able to provide:

  • Actors for Role Play
  • A full consultation regarding your exact needs
  • Scenario script writing and bespoke sales training packages
  • Onsite trainers, coaches and facilitators
  • Corporate Presenters
  • Corporate film production
  • Forum Theatre
  • Mystery Shopping

TDRP is in touch with the needs of the business world and we have the dedication and commitment to help you get the most out of your training and the best out of your delegates.