Video Production

Corporate Films are a great way to style your brand, communicate a lifestyle, or just get across some simple messages or instructions, in a format that everyone understands...

TDRP was launched in 2011 by actor and corporate presenter, Simon James Morgan (AKA Simon Morgan Presenter). As a London based company, we primarily provide professional actors with a variety of business and lifestyle experience for company training days, courses and events.

TDRP can also be a facilitator for all your Training, Role Play & Forum Theatre, Mystery Customer, Script Writing and Corporate Film needs. (We work closely with several excellent corporate film making companies).

TDRP doesn’t stop there: we also have an experienced team of Corporate Presenters who have travelled all over the world delivering company or brand messages to live conferences, events and product launches, as well as fronting DVD/Online Corporate Films, Infomercials, Website Tours and TV Commercial Campaigns.

All TDRP actors and presenters are dedicated, qualified and competent, with a great balance of life experience and corporate social skills.