There are many examples of corporate films, from filmed reconstructions of “what to do or what not to do” within a certain process or working environment, to a product or initiative launch film.Corporate films are used to advertise, showcase, win business, inform, or just act as a reference for employees. They can be in the format of DVD or online content.

TDRP Actors and Presenters are all experience in corporate films, and similarly a corporate film can contain actors playing characters or presenters hosting part or all of the film or even a combination of both.

TDRP has worked on many corporate films and can help with a full service option, which includes an initial consultancy, covering film concept and treatment, followed by a completed script, casting of characters, production of call sheets and shooting schedule.

TDRP works closely with some extremely experienced and reputable video production companies, who will take care of the equipment, camera and sound crew as well as liaise with you ‘the client’ to produce the final edit.

TDRP can also offer a part service which could involve casting and supplying the Actors, or maybe just supplying the Actors and a scripted dialogue with character bio’s and back stories.

But whatever your corporate film needs TDRP can help you take it from script to screen.

As you can imagine all corporate films are bespoke and confidential, so for more details or to arrange a meeting to discuss your project with TDRP, visit the contact page or email