Role Play Actor and Assessor - Debra Baker

Debra is a London born and bred actress who loves tea, the Southbank, weekends away, Greenwich Park, red wine, soul music, photography exhibitions, cheese, new writing and meditating.

With her native London accent and working class roots, Debra often plays very down to earth, everyday characters, salt of the earth types. For corporate training and roleplay she excels in playing characters such as nurses, police officers, teachers (people with authority but also empathy) and also everyman characters – family members, disgruntled customers. Debra is a very natural actor and is excellent at working in role and improvising in character.

Debra has worked as both an actor and a facilitator in corporate roleplay, delivering for companies in the Charitable sector, Finance, Higher Education and Energy.

Debra has worked for 11 years in every area of the industry – theatre, film, TV and radio. In 2015 she joined the BBC Radio Drama Company for 6 months where she had to use her array of accents and voices to portray a wide range of characters on many Radio 4 plays, and 2016 saw her working in New York in the transfer of Philip Ridley’s ‘Radiant Vermin’ where she played an upper middle class ‘estate agent’ and a homeless woman. Versatility is one of Debra’s strengths.