Role Play Actor and Assessor - Brian

Brian is an actor based in London with experience in stage and screen. Brian has an athletic background with Boxing, Football, and other sports as a few of his main strengths. Brian’s other strengths come in the form of his employment background is education and marketing, where communication with other individuals is the focus and this has helped in his development as a roleplay actor.

Brian has experience as a roleplay actor and facilitator for several years and has worked in several settings such as hospitals, army bases and police stations. Along the way teaching nurses, businessmen and law enforcement. Developing and facilitating drama and non-drama-based workshops.

Brian has a number of credits of in stage screen and has worked a lot with the National Youth Theatre on theatre productions and classroom interactions a teaching associate for other members. This experience has strengthened the ability to devise workshops and drama-based activities.

Brian’s interest are human behaviour and sports, which has led to his method of working being very practical and full of analysis. With hope that this infectious.

Brian brings an infectious energy to the work, with a focus on seeing the positives and learning curves in any given situation. This helps him to be able to work with different types of people and be adaptable.