TDRP Services

TDRP offers many services, for example:

  • Providing actors for business role play
  • A full consultation regarding your exact role play training needs
  • Scenario script writing and bespoke sales training packages
  • Providing onsite trainers, coaches and facilitators if required
  • Providing corporate presenters and presentation coaches
  • Corporate film production
  • Forum theatre
  • Mystery shopping

And you can take advantage of all of them or just some of them.

Naturally our core business is providing Role Play Actors for business training days. This can be in any format you like, but the most common use of TDRP actors is within a training environment, where we play the part of your staff or customers (sometimes we play a variety of characters) during the session.

Working closely with your trainer and keeping to the training brief, we provide a safe environment for your delegates to practice. If needed, whilst playing the part of your staff or customer, we are able to take the role play situation to both extremes of the spectrum: this can highlight where there is a learning need or just reinforce the effectiveness of current practices.

We can also perform ‘dramatisations’ of typical scenarios ‘within the work place’. For example “What to do” and “What not to do”. These can be very powerful and effective, showcasing and demonstrating in ‘real’ terms to the delegates examples of what works and what doesn’t work.

Forum theatre is a way of having a more interactive session, where there is a direct input from the delegates on how a situation should play out. Think of the actor as a blank canvas, controlled by the delegates. This can be a great and safe way to brainstorm solutions within the workplace.

If you have not had much experience at running training days, then TDRP can help from the beginning. We consult with you on what types of training are useful, and deliver the most effective outcome. We can script write role play scenarios and bespoke training packages and provide the facilitators, trainers, coaches, and feedback reports etc.

TDRP doesn’t stop there: we also have an experienced team of Corporate Presenters. They have travelled all over the world delivering company or brand messages to live conferences, events and product launches, as well as fronting DVD/Online Corporate Films, Infomercials, Website Tours and TV Commercial Campaigns.

TDRP is also able to provide mystery shoppers, whether it be face to face with your sales team or customer service phone calls. We consult with you to create the exact brief which suits your needs then we provide a programme of execution with an agreed grading system followed by a campaign report.

So these are a few of the services that we offer. All TDRP actors and presenters are dedicated, qualified and competent, with a great balance of life experience and corporate social skills.