Role Play Actor and Assessor - Paddie Young

Paddy is a versatile actor who has worked extensively on stage and screen; over the last year he has worked on Timewasters (ITV) and Random Acts (Channel 4). He has also done a variety of work as a presenter, most recently for Sky Kids in an environmental education series.

Alongside this he has cofounded Swaggering Crow theatre company in 2016; they have enjoyed critical and commercial success both in Manchester & on tour.

Paddy has done a huge amount of forum work with Odd Arts within the criminal justice and educational sectors, working with vulnerable groups and training professionals within the public sector.

The latest projects were in conjunction with the Home Office and NHS, and involved training police officers and teachers to recognise and tackle radicalisation through effective communication.

He has experience of facilitating sessions, role play, forum theatre and corporate videos.

He is also a stand-up comedian, performing regularly on the national circuit and will be taking his solo show up to Edinburgh festival this Summer.