Role Play Actor and Assessor - Eloise Bonney

Eloise Bonney is an actor, theatre maker and dancer who has been working professionally since 2016. Based in Manchester, Eloise has worked in a variety of venues including the Lowry Theatre, educational settings and a site-specific play in the Adelaide Fringe, Australia.

Eloise has experience acting in immersive, interactive and forum theatre performances; enabling her to improvise in character for long periods of time whilst committing to the script.  Her experience and confidence ensures that she can effectively respond to any challenges or unexpected situations and ensure the client’s desired outcome is achieved.

Her positive, energetic personality enables her to quickly build rapport with customers and colleagues creating a collaborative atmosphere to work in.  Eloise has also worked in recruitment, hospitality and as an English teacher in a Thai school; where she has consistently delivered to a high standard and been hands on with organising events of all sizes.

Whilst working in recruitment Eloise gained first hand experience of role play training from the employer’s perspective.  This has added to her natural empathy and understanding of the challenges employers face in these training sessions so she can offer a well-balanced, supportive approach to role play.

Originally from Knaresborough, Eloise has a subtle Yorkshire accent which she can readily adapt for different roles and has a wide playing range, from secondary school age to mid-twenties, which gives Eloise a unique versatility.