Role Play Actor and Assessor - Sally

Sally is an experienced actress who trained in theatre and film before starting a varied career, including TIE, musicals and number one national tours. 

Having worked in theatre, Sally also gained experience in improvisation scenarios, forum theatre, medical roleplay and Law School assessments. She also collaborated her film training by making theatrical films, short films and corporate training videos.  

Sally has a strong presence on stage and screen, and a versatile character range. Her natural accent is relaxed RP, however has multiple accents in her locker from previous roles, and a strong ear to learn new ones. 

A strong work ethic and friendly team member, with an understanding of the importance of material and subject matter, she is easy to work with and always ready for a challenge.

Having a playing range of 20-35, she often plays young professionals, customers and customer service assistants. as well as managers and medics. 

Sally holds a full UK driving license.