Role Play Actor and Assessor - Anna

Anna is an East15 trained actress who began her career in the theatre and has since had a varied career on stage and screen.

Within the corporate industry, Anna has worked in presenting, from a learned script, she has facilitated workshops and worked in role play for both the fire services and law schools.

Anna has a playing range in her late 20s-early 30’s and as such can play young professionals, customers and private clients or patients.

Anna has strong presenting and improvisation skills. Having worked within law schools, she is comfortable delivering complex scripts and embodying legal or medical vernacular. She has excellent line-learning abilities, is a confident sight-reader and has a very adaptable, assured approach to new situations and challenges.

Originally from North Wales, Anna has a soft Welsh accent but has an excellent ear for accents, covering most regions of the UK,. She is also currently learning Italian!